Drake Maye

Drake Maye is a freshman on the UNC 2022 football team.  He has the record for the most passing yards in the Atlantic Coast Conference. The record was set by a Clemson quarterback but now DRAKE MAYE has the record. He has 31 touchdowns and he is a quarterback. That is crazy because he is not a receiver, he’s a quarterback. He has led the university of North Carolina to eight and one and UNC is 15 in the ACC.

He has three brothers and two of the three have played at UNC. His brother’s name is Luke Maye. He played UNC basketball and led the Tar Heels to their 2017 national championship. His other brother is Beau May. He is a freshman at UNC. He plays basketball and hopes that he helps lead them to another title. He has another brother that plays baseball. 


The Tiger’s Whisker

In language arts we did a project based on a book called wisdom tales. The book has a lot of different folk tales in it from all around the world. We were assigned to make a project based on one of the many stores in the book. I picked a story called The Tiger’s Whisker

In our project, we did a script that acted out the story. I was partnered up with Cayden and Reed. In the story there was a man that got home from war and he would not talk to his wife. 

So the wife set out to find a person that could make a love potion. She needed this potion to make her husband love her again. The magic man told her that she had to go get a tiger’s whisker to make the potion. So she set off to find a tiger. She found a tiger and every day she brought a piece of meat closer and closer. Finally, she snipped a whisker off and she brought it back to the magic person and he threw it in a fire. He said to the wife if you can get a tiger’s whisker you can get your husband to love you.

Camp Hanes

Last Thursday the Durham academy went to Camp Hanes. They split up the grade into two separate buses. We threw our luggage on the bus and jumped on it. We drove for about two hours. When we got to Camp Hanes we got all of our stuff out and went to our cabins after we got assigned to them. The next day we went rock climbing!

There was not only rock climbing there was other things like pixie sticks. where you climb up these big logs and get to the top where there is a big net that you walk across. the other side had slanted posts that you climbed to get to the same thing. and it leads to the big net that drops down that you hang from. 

One other thing that I liked was canoeing it only took us like two minutes to learn and then we were on the water. It was fun! Then we had to leave to go to another activity. I still think that was the best thing that we did.

But before long we have to drive back to Durham Academy but the one good thing is it was a Friday so that means no school the next day.one thing that I really liked about this trip was I got to do things that I usually could not do at home like rock climbing. I don’t have a big rock wall at my house. 

Thomas’s Backpack


In the book Finding Someplace, Reesie had to pack a backpack because a hurricane was coming. and the water levels were getting very high. 

I probably would put a flashlight into my backpack so I can see when the power is out. I would also get a bunch of batteries so my flashlight doesn’t die. I would also bring my phone so I can call for help. I would bring a portable charger if my phone dies. So these are some of the things I would bring if I was in a hurricane. 

One other thing that I would bring is a big snack so I will have some food until the water goes down. These things are the things I would grab food for because there are not going to be any drive through restaurants that would be open during this disaster. I would also bring a folding tent so I can camp out.