New York Stock Project

Our Language Arts class read a book called The Westing Game. In the book there is a character named Turtle and she loves stocks so we decided to invest in stocks. Here are the rules to the assignment: you have 20,000 fake dollars to invest and you must get as close as you can to $20,000. So I invested in 5 companies. They were Amazon, Spectrum, Nike, Etsy, Starbux, so each week I kept track of my earnings or losses and at the end of the whole project I had lost $1,125.25!!! I LOST MONEY!!!!

My Ideal World

The project my ideal world is a long lasting project over about 5 weeks, let me explain. The ideal world project is made in three parts. The first part is making a planet by coloring or by digital drawing your planet the way you want it to look. Then you add paragraphs of how your world will work and the animals and everything you need to run a world. The second part is The Last Cuentista. This is a book that we read and it is good. I recommend it. So what you do is you write a paragraph about something that is important and is like a small story to you.

The last and my personal favorite step is the book part. In the book part, an artist came to our school and helped us make handmade books. What you do is take different leaves and things from nature and use ink to make a print of them on the paper. Then you get to pick your favorite prints and you glue and cut them on paper. Then the last building step is to pick out a cover. There are many options as you can see in the photo. 

The last part to the whole thing is to glue the writings on the art. Then it will turn out to be a beautiful peace. I loved doing this project because it is a good way to try a new thing and you can’t mess this up because it is art. Thank You!!!


Thomas’s Ted Talk

Last Thursday I presented a thing called a Ted like talk. A Ted talk is something that you know a lot about and care about. My Ted like talk is about golf balls. So what I did for my talk is make a presentation of 4 topics: the history of golf balls, how the ball is made, who invented the ball, and fun facts. So what I did is stuck to one layout on slides and I made a timeline of old golf balls for history. For the facts I had a prompt like how many golf balls have been to the moon then I would make a second slide that had the answer. If you are wondering, the answer is 2 on the Apollo 14 mission.

For the how its made part I had a cut open a golf ball and put it on the screen and added the layers to the ball off to the slide. For who invented the ball I had a picture of the man and the name of what he called the ball and small things like that. Plus I brought cut open golf balls for the class to pass around and the plastic the ball is made out of.

Then it was the day I walked into class.  Three people were in front of me before I was up. One presentation went and then then next after next and then it was my turn. I walked up to the table and in the mirror I took a deep breath and I was off! Once I started talking I was in the groove and it went by fast. By the time I could catch my breath it was over. A few questions later I was back in my seat!!! So that is how my Ted like Talk went!!!



In French we celebrated a two week holiday that is called Mardi Gras. We celebrate on Fat Tuesday, we celebrate with face paint, food, decorations, and masks. People brought in all kinds of foods. One of the foods is a king cake. A king cake is a cake that is very sugary, there is a baby Jesus inside of the cake and if you get the baby Jesus you will have good luck that also means you have got to bring the next cake. We also had cookies that were Mardi Gras colorded. There were beignet which were covered in powdered sugar which made a huge mess on the floor.

We had decorations that were streamers, beads, and balloons. There were these face paint crayons that we used to paint people’s faces but some of them ended up on the floor stepped on. We had masks that we decorated and there also were some pre-decorated masks. In my opinion, it was a very successful Mardi Gras party. 


My World

My world is named Sugar Plum Land. In Sugar Plum Land there is a $100 entrance fee to get in. You can find my planet by the bottom of Pluto. The sky is cotton candy and it is UNC blue. There is always the UNC vs Duke rivalry. On my planet there is no sun. The sun is actually a big scoop of ice cream. My government is not very complicated. There is one king and that is me. There is a vice king and that would be whoever I want. 

On my planet the weather is very weird. Tornadoes are literally big Kit-Kat bars. But the best part of the weather is when it rains it rains cats and dogs. The air on Sugar Plum Land has very high oxygen so all of the animals and humans can breathe well. There is a lot of wildlife that you would not typically see like a snake bird. Another way of saying that is a snake that can fly. 

There is all of the technology that you see on earth but there is a special thing that police use. It is a Thomas tag. It is something that I made to track everyone on Sugar Plum Land so there is no mischief going on behind my back. Speaking of mischief, I can hack into people’s eyes to see if they are doing bad things. 

A nice thing about this planet is that there is no pollution so everyone can live as long as they can. There are also no land fields so you may ask where all of the trash goes. Well I’m glad you asked. There is a big metal tube that goes into the ground to the core of the earth. And whenever you put your trash can by your street it goes into the ground. 

The food on my planet is very different from earth other than McDonalds. So there are three foods of my favorite I will tell you about. My favorite is pen bread which is a pen literally in bread. My second favorite is a chair soup which is a chair in soup. My third favorite is firecracker bread, a slab of bread with a firecracker on it. These are the typical foods in Sugar Plum Land. 

A cool part of my planet is that when you look at it from space you can see a ring around it, and the actual planet is white with a dark blue. You cannot see anything on my planet from space, you just see beautiful blue and white.  


NC Museum Of Natural Sciences

Last week the 6th graders went to the NC museum of Natural Sciences. We went there for the whole day. There were many things to see a the museum so I’m just going to tell you about some of my favorite parts of the museum. One of the first things that we saw when we walked in the museum was a replica of the Titanic hitting an iceberg. 

On the second floor there was a snake exhibit and that was really cool to see. When you first walk into the museum you will see a giant globe witch you can go inside and watch a movie in. The best part of the globe is on the 3rd floor. You are on the very top of it and you can almost touch the ceiling.

On the second floor there is a lab where you can actually see people working on animals. There is also an animal dentist which we thought was really funny. The best part of the museum in my opinion was the 3D printing lab. In the lab there was a tun of 3D printers printing animals for the museum. 


Photo by 6th grade teacher

Window or Mirror?

A book that I recently read is Peak by Ronald Smith. This book is about a boy who is getting ready to climb a big mountain in the north. The book’s name is based on the mountain called peak and the mountain is named peak.This book was based on a true story that happened a long time ago

So my book is a window to me because it is something that I know I don’t want to do. I just don’t think this is something that I will do so I have got to put it as a window. A mirror is something that you are going to follow or something that can reflect in the past or future. A window is something that you will not do and the book cannot reflect off you. 

Drake Maye

Drake Maye is a freshman on the UNC 2022 football team.  He has the record for the most passing yards in the Atlantic Coast Conference. The record was set by a Clemson quarterback but now DRAKE MAYE has the record. He has 31 touchdowns and he is a quarterback. That is crazy because he is not a receiver, he’s a quarterback. He has led the university of North Carolina to eight and one and UNC is 15 in the ACC.

He has three brothers and two of the three have played at UNC. His brother’s name is Luke Maye. He played UNC basketball and led the Tar Heels to their 2017 national championship. His other brother is Beau May. He is a freshman at UNC. He plays basketball and hopes that he helps lead them to another title. He has another brother that plays baseball. 


The Tiger’s Whisker

In language arts we did a project based on a book called wisdom tales. The book has a lot of different folk tales in it from all around the world. We were assigned to make a project based on one of the many stores in the book. I picked a story called The Tiger’s Whisker

In our project, we did a script that acted out the story. I was partnered up with Cayden and Reed. In the story there was a man that got home from war and he would not talk to his wife. 

So the wife set out to find a person that could make a love potion. She needed this potion to make her husband love her again. The magic man told her that she had to go get a tiger’s whisker to make the potion. So she set off to find a tiger. She found a tiger and every day she brought a piece of meat closer and closer. Finally, she snipped a whisker off and she brought it back to the magic person and he threw it in a fire. He said to the wife if you can get a tiger’s whisker you can get your husband to love you.